I recently read a book on it. I can’t remember the author but it’s definitely a theme worth exploring. We experience it in every aspect of our lives  and it can be seen as a big part of procrastination. We resist the things we need to be doing in order to be moving ahead in the direction of our hearts desires and goals.

For me, it’s paperwork, admin and exposing my artwork to serious dealers and competitions. Most of us also suffer from insecurities  in varying degrees and as aspiring artists, we fear not being good enough and through our subconscious programming a lot of us carry a subliminal script in our heads that plays over and over telling us things like You will never be as good as you think,you are faking it,you are so unimaginative,etc, etc. This happens especially when the going gets tough and it takes real commitment to get past these tricky and challenging moments of self doubt and external rejection.

Mostly we are not even aware of our deeply routed core belief systems that are tripping us up and leading to our resistance in growth and action. Even awareness doesn’t make it go away but being armed with a desire to jump the hurdles and move forward regardless is a huge step not only to artistic accomplishment but to growth in all aspects of your life. In the latest Cinderella movie Cinderella’s mum says to her before she goes belly up … Always be KIND and be BRAVE. Best words ever… Because you cannot achieve anything without courage and nothing goes well without kindness after all everything is about relationship

Visual art is out there for all to see. Overcoming the fear of exposing it to those we hold most dear and to the public is something we all need to practice again and again. I still have the fear after 25 years as a professional artist. We have to remind ourselves that it’s the journey of creativity where the most joy happens and if we have something amazing at the end that’s just a bonus. If it’s a complete flop well it’s just upwards from there if you choose to learn from your mistakes.

The moment you detach from your egoic need to please others you are then free to enjoy, explore, have fun and love

Art should be fun but often it becomes a slog to achieve the impossible and the artist is never satisfied. Ideally in a career artist there should be a balance between joy of the creation and the striving  for excellence , A sense of reaching above your capability at all times and falling short to a positive result,always learning and pushing out of your comfort zone. If you find a formula and you keep doing it because it sells , you then need to find an avenue within your practice that pushes your creative buttons and lights a fire of excitement and potential newness in discovery,

Past resistance

Past Fear

And above all past ego

And to quote Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story

“To infinity and beyond”

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