Nature of creativity and giving yourself the gift of art

So many people shyly express a desire to learn to draw or paint but at the same time they are quickly putting out there that they can’t draw a stick figure and that they don’t have a creative bone in their body.

I would definitely beg to differ! 

Firstly, we are all born CREATIVE, with every thought and desire we create. We even create through fear.  We are all vibrational beings in a vibrational universe. According to quantum physics thoughts, words and actions set in motion a vibrational reaction that manifests what we focus most on .

Remember the last time you woke up in a bad mood and the day just got worse and worse or you were on a joy bubble and everything flowed your way, amazing co incidences and serendipitous moments happened.

This is the power we yield unintentionally or intentionally.

We are co-creators in a dynamic participatory universe and we are deemed to be created in the spiritual image of our creator. Our innate nature is one of creativity.

My creative path is visual art and I choose to express my spirituality and connectivity through my portraiture,figurative work and even still lives and landscapes. The way I choose to express my creativity is through the tools and language of a painter, line, colour, brushstrokes, tone and mood.

Others may choose the keys of a piano, songwriting, floral arrangements, etc. It is a gift that keeps giving and it grows you as a person and as someone who can pay forward the joy it brings. Of course there are challenges along the way. 

I have encouraged some very tentative would be artists to give it a go and have seen people emerge from shy pupas into fully fledged and magnificent butterflies in their own journey of discovering their inner authentic artists.

Their worlds have become transformed. Suddenly a cloud is not just a white shape in the sky it is something of beauty as it is yellow and purple greys contrast with the deep blue of the midday sky.

Their visual world becomes about relationship between colour tone and atmosphere it becomes richer and way more exciting as they practice creating beauty on a canvas they are simultaneously enjoying a life thats more rewarding and infinitely more challenging and exciting.

As much as they are amazed by what they can do so are their families and friends.

The gift just keeps giving



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