Materials for Ken Knights Workshop


Acceptable brands as artist quality paints( not student)

Art spectrum, Norma, Windsor and Newton and langridge

Series 4 are very expensive but you need those pigments for mixing and they will last for a very long time

If you for some reason can’t continue with painting I will be able to sell your materials on for you


Cadmium yellow (S4)

Lemon yellow (S1)

Cadmium red (medium) (S4)

Permanent Crimson/ quinoxadrine red (S3)

Ultramarine blue (S2)

Phlalo blue (S2)

Titanium white

Burnt sienna (S1)

Yellow ochre (S1)

Burnt umber (S1)


A range of sizes 4,8,10 and 12 

A fan brush

A couple hardware brushes ( around 1-2 inches )

A paint scraper

A riggor bruch for fine lines

Jacksons have the Holbein k series which are a decent brush range

Their mongoose brush range is a beautiful but really expensive range 

Oxlades in Guthrie street will have more choices 

A palette or piece of Perspex or paper palette (large) 

Paper towels


Plastic bag to take rubbish

Turps(odourless)in a closed container

Lean medium(odourless)

A 16×20 inch canvas or board and a small 5×9 inch or 8×10



I will have some canvasses here for purchase as well.

A small lunch to share. Tea, coffee,etc will be available. We also all bring something small to share.. Fruit or dip for our break


Palette knife

One small and a longer one

A home brand bottle of baby oil for cleaning brushes( no turps in the studio)

Some rags

Paper towels

A pallette (tear off or wooden, Perspex or glass  – old frame with glass)

Baby wipes

Odourless lean medium (art spectrum ..not archival)

A small oil paper pad and thin masking tape


Looking forward to offering you a very comprehensive art experience!

Portraiture – Illustration – Fine Art