Leanne teaches from absolute beginners to advanced artists and has been teaching art for 18+ years.

Her classes are very casual with no pressure and cater to every individual’s needs by allowing each person their own journey of learning and discovering their passions.

If you are a complete beginner with art she will guide you through the basics with projects of your own choosing.  She has an extensive library of references in case you also need to work out what you would like to tackle first.

iI you have an active art career or are more sure of your direction Leanne will help you step outside your comfort zone to bring out the best of yourself in your artistic journey.  She is forever learning and growing alongside her students, some whom have been with her for 8+ years.

She is a prolific artist and teacher who shares her methods, passions and knowledge through her classes and workshops with enthusism and generosity of spirit

Leanne doesn’t teach in one particular style but learns from many different masters and helps her students to find their own individual style

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Portraiture – Illustration – Fine Art