Leanne Pearson Art and Framing was first established to cater for the framing needs of a core group of artists.  Choosing the appropriate frame for a piece of art which highlights its best features can turn the most mundane piece into a masterpiece. We understand that art is incredibly subjective but long experience framing our own art has given us some insights into what will help make your art “pop” whether it is your own creation or a much loved purchase.

Operating onsite at Leanne’s studio in Poytner Avenue in Duncraig we offer a wide selection of moldings from a number of different molding companies. As we operate with few overheads we are able to pass these savings onto our clients with very competitive prices. We offer a variety of services such as canvas stretching. Memorabilia/ jersey framing, photo print and pastille mounting.

Additionally we are able to stain, wax and paint bespoke frames to match your artwork or furnishings.

We have a large range of acid free museum quality mat board and use the Art glass non-reflective glass that minimizes reflection and shields your artwork from harmful UV light.


Figure 1.1 a handmade frame that has been treated with Annie Sloan Paint and wax. To reflect and compliment the colors in the painting.


To cater for our artist community we have initiated three additional services 

Canvas Boards

For those artists who wish to buy high quality premade canvas canvases mounted on 3mm board we are offering these at precut sizes. These are handmade triple primed canvas glued onto board with non-acidic glue. They are painted on the back to prevent bowing occurring

Sizes                                                    Price
8 x 10 inches                                  $15.00
11 x11 inches                                 $15.00
12 x 11 inches                                $16.00
16 x 20 inches                               $24.00
20 x 24 inches                              $30.00
18 x18 inches                                 $25.00

Linen boards

We are offering the same sizes of 3mm painted board but covered in a 12 oz linen canvas. These are a bespoke product of the highest quality and are a pleasure to paint on. Please enquire regarding our new poly cotton range. Samples are available.

Sizes                                                    Price
8 x 10 inches                                  $29.00
11 x11 inches                                 $32.00
12 x 11 inches                                $42.00
16 x 20 inches                               $59.00
20 x 24 inches                              $76.00
18 x18 inches                                 $60.00


Gesso Boards

We are offering 7mm boards made of marine ply or MDF that have been treated with three layers of artist quality gesso. These can be made to order with either a smooth or toothier finish.

At present we are offering two sizes. These can be made with a cradle of 20mm so they do not require framing. Examples of these will be available in Leanne’s studio. If you are interested in other sizes these can be custom made.

Price                                    No Cradle                      Cradle
24 x 20 inches               $50.00                             $80.00
24 x 24 inches               $55.00                            $85.00


Figure 1.3 .A smaller inner with the larger profile outer of the APM range.

This range comes in a variety of colors and profiles as seen in Figure 1.4


Figure 1.4 this range is also available in box frames.


Premade Boards

Our aim for the artist community was to come up with a range of precut frames that were made for the above sizes. Our hope was that by choosing a selection of well-priced quality frames we could minimize the labor costs and molding wastage and pass these savings onto our clients. This is specially designed for artists who are on selling their art as it makes pieces more affordable. These come in a combination of frames.

Figure 1.2 the frame above is a double white slip for the purist. These can be made with either a smaller 30mm/40mm white inner or with the wider 60mm inner slip as in Figure 1.3

These are the cheapest options and give a very clean crisp effect. The other alternative is to use the wider very classic wood effect molding on the outside. These frames by are very well priced and come in a series of styles and a variety of colors as seen below. Obviously the wider the molding the more expensive however these alternatives come in at an average of less than $100 for the smaller size frames and between $140 and $180 for the larger frames.


Alternatively, for the same precut sizes we are offering three more elaborate
frames. These are more expensive per meter but by limiting the range to three
we are able to minimize wastage and keep the price down. These will range
between $140 for the three smaller sizes and $180 for the larger sizes.

Please email

Meredith phone number on 0438119170.

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